Skin Cancer is Scary, and 7 Other Reasons to Choose Sunless Tanning

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Everybody knows that lying in the sun for endless hours to achieve the golden glow we love is not only detrimental to the quality of our skin, it can be deadly. For this reason, everyone is turning to sunless tanning methods, even celebrities.

By avoiding excessive sunshine, we’re not damaging our precious skin like generations of the past once had to for beautiful bronze coloring. This is because we now have many wonderfully effective alternatives, such as sunless tanning creams and spray tans.

If you’re still a sun worshipper, read the reasons you should consider a new way to get the color you love, below:


1. Skin Cancer is Scary—

While genetics definitely play a role, the number one cause of skin cancer is sun exposure. And it builds up over time, creating a cumulative effect upon your skin that can lead to different forms of this disease.

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer, and can look like a little scaly, red patch of skin you might dismiss as a dry spot.

Squamous cell carcinoma is generally larger and raised, with more discoloration and roughness.

Both types of skin cancer have a low metastasizing rate, and can generally be removed without further treatment.

Melanoma, however, often presents inside of moles and pigmented areas, making it more visually obvious, with a dangerously higher rate of spreading throughout the body.

By using sunless forms of tanning, you can drastically reduce your chances of developing skin cancers of any type, saving yourself trips to the dermatologist to have skin cancers cut and burned off, or worse.


2. Sunless Tanning is Faster—

Lying in one place for hours can be pretty boring, and sunbathing is no exception. You know you’re participating in a less-than-thrilling activity when “looking forward to the next time you can turn over” is the highlight.

If you’re a reader with a good book or magazine, this may keep you entertained until you’re out of material… but wouldn’t you rather be doing what you want to do with your time?

Sunless tanning lotions and spray tans are done in quick sessions, and you can quickly move on with your busy life afterward. Freedom!


3. No Premature Aging—

Ask your dermatologist or aesthetician how you got those wrinkles on your face if you have them, or how you can avoid them if you don’t yet have any, and the first thing out of her/his mouth will be, “Stay out of the sun, and use sunscreen.”

Experts agree that nothing ages us like the sun, and even those who eat healthfully and don’t smoke are entirely susceptible to its damaging rays, no matter what they think.

By skipping sun time completely with tanning lotions or sprays, you’re also skipping the wrinkles that would have come with it. Smart move.


4. No Slimy Sweating—

Yes, lying in the sun feels good… for about 15 minutes until the sweating starts to make you feel uncomfortable and sticky.

If you have a swimming pool or ocean to splash into to cool down while sunbathing, this feels better… and it rinses off your sunscreen, forcing you to reapply or face potential sunburn.

If you’d like to skip the sickeningly slimy sensation of roasting on a grill, choose sunless tanning products.


5. Sunless Tanning is Cheaper—

Unless you live somewhere the sun shines year-round and the outdoor temperature allows for sunbathing, you’ll need to use tanning beds to stay golden. But depending on your skin tone and desired color, multiple tanning bed visits can be time-consuming and costly.

The extra time and money factor involved with constant tanning bed appointments makes tanning via lotion or spray tan a much more affordable option.


6. Self-Tanners Can Help You Look Younger—

Some self-tanning products include moisturizing and anti-aging benefits, making them a much better decision than lying in the sun, prematurely aging yourself.

Soft and moisturized, golden-tanned skin, or a dried-out leathery look? You decide.


7. Stay Perfectly Tanned Year-Round—

Unlike tanning in the outdoors, sunless tanners allow you to choose your color tone and level of pigment without the risk of burning or freckling.

Spray tans especially allow for smoother, more even all-over color, so you can look like you live on the beach, even if you’re in the middle of a snowy winter.


8. You Can Use All-Natural Ingredients—

Most sunless tanners are FDA approved, but if you’re a girl who tries to keep it real, there are self-tanners available that use all-natural substances such as beets and sugar cane.

There are also bronzers that utilize walnut oil, henna, carrot oil, black tea extract and other safe and food-based ingredients to stain the skin for a temporarily darker appearance.


Tanned skin can make us feel better about the way we look, reducing the appearance of cellulite and raising our self-esteem, but we don’t need to damage ourselves to achieve this. If you’re still baking yourself in the sun, think about the great reasons listed above, and consider giving sunless tanning a try instead: your skin will thank you.