Practical and Promotional: 7 Best Business Branding Products



Everybody likes to get something for nothing, which makes using promotional items to publicize and brand your business a brilliant marketing move. Whether you have a trade show coming up, or just want to reward loyal customers while potentially finding new ones, giving away free gifts with your company’s logo can really pay off.

When selecting products to use for advertising, it’s important to think about your target demographic to determine which types of promotional items they will use, and how often. But there are also many products universally used by people that are a safe and smart choice for those seeking promotion.

Below are the 7 best business branding products to consider that are practical as well as promotional:  


1. Water Bottles—

Considering that humans need it to live, anything that carries water around for us is a useful and popular promotional item that can get your company’s name into offices, out on errands and into gyms.

Be sure to take advantage of the large advertising area allowed by a sports bottle or tumbler cup by including your business logo, physical address and website, if possible.


2. Computer Dusters—

Specially made to be fuzzy and computer screen-safe on one side, computer dusters with your company’s information printed on the top are a great way to make sure your product receives real-world use.

Especially if your target demographic involves personal computer users, or those who work in an office setting where they stare at a screen all day, a computer duster will be appreciated on a regular basis.


3. Docking Stations—

Everyone has cellphones and other small electronics that need charging, making a docking station a highly helpful promotional item.

The fact that people tend to keep chargers in the same spot might give your company’s logo a permanent prime real estate spot on the desk in an office full of people, potentially exposing your business brand to many.


4. Lunch Coolers—

A large number of people save money by bringing their lunch to work from home, and if you give them a great cooler with which to do this, you’ll be getting your name out there on a daily basis.

If your target demographic involves sports fans, consider giving away larger sport coolers that hold multiple cans and bottles, with your company’s logo proudly adorning the outside for all to see.


5. Business Cases—

Especially if your company serves those who work in the world of business where laptops and travel are essential, giving away computer cases and messenger bags might really get your name out into the world.

In addition to using business cases, computer and messenger bags as free giveaways for clients, these types of items can make excellent employee morale-boosters while branding your business everywhere your people take them.


6. T-Shirts—

A promotional item classic, there is no denying the practicality or advertising power of a T-shirt. A T-shirt with your business logo, information, and a clever slogan can spark conversations amongst friends and strangers that may lead to new business.

Be sure to order high-quality T-shirts that are mostly cotton so they will actually be worn, and if you’re located in a colder climate, consider jackets with your logo for higher public visibility.


7. Tote Bags—

Everyone goes shopping, and placing your company’s name on the side of an eco-friendly tote bag will get it out into the general population to be seen by lots of people.

The most practical version of this promotional item would be one large enough for grocery shopping.


Popular because they’ve been proven to increase name recognition and create new clientele for companies who utilize this powerful marketing tool, promotional items can really help to brand a business. Consider using some of the popular and practical promotional products above, or any others you think might help your company become well-known and successful.