Nature Seen

One of my favorite things about Oklahoma is the big sky. Since moving here, I find myself constantly snapping pictures of big sky. Looking up at it makes me feel completely insignificant and free at the same time, like I could just dissolve into the atmosphere like everything else, and that would be beautiful. I am Jack’s never-ending water cycle.

The sky here makes me feel connected to the universe while reminding me of what a tiny little grain of energy I ultimately am–not even a drop of paint in the big picture–all at once.

I’m possibly making looking at the Oklahoma sky sound like a bad drug trip right now, but I actually find what I’m describing to be a relaxing blend of emotions. If I can convince myself that I don’t matter, it removes most of my fears. Because if nothing matters, and I don’t matter, then there’s nothing left to be afraid of. (“Of which to be afraid” sounded stilted and weird, sorry fellow English majors…)


I snapped these one evening facing north as a weird storm was moving by. I liked the electric pastel look of it, and the sharp, glowing edges.

I’m not feeling very write-y today, so I’ll stop now, but I hope you’re having a lovely day, pals.