3 Easy Eco-Friendly Ways to Stay Healthy



Cold and flu season is upon us once again, and the scientific and medical community continues to stress the importance of proper hand washing to avoid contracting the cold bugs and viruses waiting for us in schools and public places.

Every year, we heed this advice, and try to wash our hands as often as possible to reduce our chances of catching illnesses. But we’ve all washed our hands with soap and hot water only to realize that we’ll need to touch the soap dispenser, water faucet handles, and paper towel dispenser handle before we’re done. Many of us then have to wonder if we’re re-infecting our clean hands with germs in the process.

Does this unsettling scenario sound familiar?

With 3 simple-to-use and easy to install eco-friendly products, you can help your family, friends, co-workers, and customers have a fighting chance against illness this season, and save some money while you’re at it:

1) Soap to Kill Bacteria and Germs

A counter-mounted automatic soap dispenser will completely eliminate the need to push on a sticky soap dispenser. With a no-clog and no-drip IR-based system, this type of soap dispenser is a neat and reliable choice for your bathroom.

If you prefer a wall-mounted soap dispenser, there are many efficient wall dispensers that deliver soap in a clean and effective manner. These types of products are also great if you have children, keeping bathroom counters free of sticky, drippy bars of soap or messy store-bought liquid dispensers.

2) Water to Rinse It All Away

Now that you’ve got the flu bacteria-eliminating soap in hand, you’re going to need water to finish the job. That’s where an automatic faucet can help you out. No need to grab the wet faucet handles that everyone before you has twisted on and off, simply wave your hands under these motion-activated faucets, and presto! Watch the water begin to flow like magic.

Bonus: you can save up to 70% on water usage costs with this type of hands-free technology. Reduced risk of illness and a lower water bill? That’s a definite win-win.

3) Drying Your Clean Hands

With the cleaning and germ-killing portion of the washing up process behind you, it’s time to dry those hands and get on with your day. Many restrooms will offer you a moist towel with which to dry your hands, or a paper towel dispenser with a handle to pump up and down. As you touch these, you may wonder what other types of bacteria you’re grabbing, rendering your hand washing pointless.

But never fear, because there is a solution to this problem as well: automatic paper towel dispensers! Bonus: automatic paper towel dispensers can save you 12-15% on paper usage, in addition to providing you with a sanitary way to dry your clean hands.


Touching unhygienic surfaces after washing up almost makes one wonder if there is any point to scrubbing our hands in the first place. One easy solution to this dirty dilemma is to install eco-friendly automatic products in your restrooms and bathrooms that will save you money and prevent illness.