3 Free Apps That Will Make You Money




You’re going shopping anyway, so why not get paid for time spent on your smart phone? Forget clipping paper coupons and trying to organize them as you wander around the stores. Why not let technology do the work for you?

Not only can you save money on purchases you were planning on making anyway, you can now actually make money while you shop.

Here are 3 free apps that will let you make a profit while you shop, and even allow you earn money from the comfort of your own home.


Shopkick – shopkick.com

One of the most often-used, popular apps, Shopkick has features like an at-a-glance look at what’s in the store you’ve just entered, saved deals of items you pick, and “lookbooks” that conveniently organize your favorites so you don’t have to.

Shopkick refreshes its information as new deals happen, so you’ll always stay on top of the savings. Unlock kicks rewarded for browsing by looking at them at home or at work, and you’ll get more kicks at the store the next time you’re there.

This app can also tell you how many kicks are available in each store, mall or even city. With Shopkick, you don’t have to purchase a thing, as you can turn all the kicks you earn by simply browsing into real rewards that you can redeem, such as gift cards.


Ibotta – ibotta.com

In the simple terms given by the Ibotta app makers, this app allows users to choose products, go shopping, snap a photo, and get cash. Basically, the Ibotta app allows you to save money on items you were planning to buy, as well as letting you earn money for buying them.

Ibotta also sends you more savings offers after you redeem them. Once you’ve selected your desired products, you can take surveys or quizzes, read product descriptions and facts, watch videos, share with friends, and other activities.

As you complete activities, you earn money because the activities you’ve completed stay on your phone until you purchase the item. After purchase, you scan the product bar code and upload the receipt to receive your earnings. The cash goes straight into your PayPal account, or you have the option of making a charitable donation with your money.


Jingit – jingit.com

Jingit is an app that pays you to watch ads and earn Visa gift cards. That’s right. You heard me correctly. They pay you cash to watch ads!

The Jingit app is similar to the Ibotta and Shopkick apps in that you get rewarded for checking in at and shopping at stores, watching ads, taking quizzes and surveys to give feedback to earn cash. You can use your Jingit earnings to either buy music at music.me, or you can get it in the form of a JingitVisaDebitCard, which can be used like a Visa credit card, or be used to withdraw cash from any ATM.

You sign up for Jingit through Facebook, and as a bonus, every friend who joins Jingit through your invite will increase your weekly earn limit…so spread the word! Through the referral program, you have the opportunity to increase your weekly earnings to $10, and making $40 a month for shopping and browsing you’d likely do anyway is a pretty great deal.


Your time is worth money, and money-making apps like Shopkick, Ibotta, and Jingit give consumers the respect they deserve. Download these apps today to start using your phone to vote with your dollars while you earn more of them.