5 Simple Space-Saving Ideas for Small Kitchens



No house or apartment is perfect, and sometimes we have to take a little bad with the good. For example, maybe the living room of your dwelling has plenty of cheerful natural light, but the bedrooms are dark. Or perhaps your home is older, but you have a gorgeous backyard that makes the extra maintenance worth it. Life is about compromise, so we decide what we can live with, what we can’t, and move on.

But if one of the things you’ve had to compromise on is kitchen space, you should know there are plenty of things you can do to make a tiny kitchen feel bigger.


Below are 5 simple space-saving ideas to help make your small kitchen more spacious.


  1. Mini is Mighty. Take an honest look around your kitchen, and decide which appliances you use, and which ones you rarely touch.

Of the often-used bunch, consider buying smaller, more compact versions of the same machines. Compact appliances are technologically sound, and you don’t have to sacrifice power or quality.

Some questions to ask yourself during downsizing might be:

  • Do I need a full-sized coffee pot, or can I get by with a single cup capacity machine?
  • Could I manage with a more compact refrigerator if it would open up more storage space above?
  • Do I use the blenders, juicers, toasters and appliances sitting out on the counters? And if so, could I buy smaller versions of them?

As for the rarely touched appliances: try putting them away in storage for a week. If you miss them, bring them back, but if not… I think you know what you need to do. (Cue: “Chopin’s Funeral March.”)


  1. Goodbye, Conventional. Hello, Convectional. Convectional microwave ovens, that is. New microwaves are available that come with convectional cooking capabilities and can even grill food, rendering that hogging-your-limited-space dinosaur of a conventional oven obsolete.


  1. Dish Decisions. Do you wash dishes often, or do they sit sadly in the big, empty dishwasher all week? If you don’t make a lot of dishes, consider replacing your traditional dishwasher with a compact one. Many people with small kitchens completely remove the built-in dishwasher to free up the space for cabinets, using one of the efficient new compact portable counter top dishwashers instead.


  1. Wonderful Wet Bars. One easy way to make room for food preparation in the kitchen is to create spaces outside of the kitchen for wines, beers and other drinks. These entertainment areas can feature compact wine and beverage refrigerators, wine racks and even kegerators for beer. If you have an area of your house that would make a great home bar, consider moving beverage-related items out of your cramped kitchen and into a space of their own.


  1. High Hanging Helpers. When you find yourself trapped in a small space, sometimes you have nowhere to go but up. So look up, not around. Place a magnetic strip on your wall to get that knife block off your limited counter. Use wire racks above your sinks for extra storage. Install overhead pot racks to hang pots and pans and free up cabinet storage. Get that bowl of fruit up out of the way with a hanging fruit basket. Seeking extra storage? Well, maybe you weren’t blessed with square footage, but nobody’s stopping you from utilizing those walls.


With the addition of compact appliances and some of the suggestions on this list, you can turn your small kitchen into a fully functional, efficient and spacious area for your family to enjoy.