Cool Gemstone Apps for the iPhone



We often wear beautiful jewelry, usually chosen to match an outfit, or to suit a mood. But have you ever wondered what the gemstones in your accessories might emotionally mean to you?

Aware of our fascination with gemstones and spirituality, app-makers have created apps for the iPhone and iPad. With these apps, you can browse the meanings of the gemstones with your phone while you browse for new jewelry, and find the perfect gemstones for you.


Gemstones by DWS

With this app, you can look up any gemstone, including your birthstone—which is purported to bring you good luck—and gather detailed information about its properties. The app also gives you a brief history of each gemstone, and a list of the ways in which it can improve the life of one who wears it.

The Gemstones by DWS app also tells you which month, zodiac sign, and day of the week are associated with the gemstone.


Crystal and Gemstone Healing 2.1—

Crystal and Gemstone Healing 2.1 contains detailed information of over 200 kinds of crystals and gemstones, explaining the healing powers associated with each gemstone. If you are shopping for new jewelry, or are interested in learning more about them, this is a wonderful tool for any gemstone enthusiast.

According to the website for this app, it offers these features:

  • Views with a thumbnail preview of each item
  • Ability to bookmark any selected item for easier reference
  • Ability to add a custom note to each item
  • iCloud synchronized bookmarks and custom notes
  • Ability to email any item to yourself and friends
  • Cross-referencing links to other items
  • A gemstone name search engine
  • Ability to enter a fun random entry when shaking the device
  • Offline browsing


Gemstone Powers Bible— 

Gemstone Powers Bible gives you detailed information of over 200 gemstones, their possible powers and descriptions of how they might help you. This app also focuses on the astrological powers of gemstones, and how their ruling planets can influence these strengths.

Each gemstone referenced includes in its description a color photo, the stone’s properties, energies, elements and chakra power. A description of the gemstone and how it may be used with other stones to compliment its powers and qualities is also included with this app.

Other features offered include:

  • User-friendly interface to preview all gemstones in one view
  • Ability to bookmark one stone for easier reference
  • Cross-referencing links to other stones
  • A stone name search engine
  • Offline browsing
  • Both iPhone and iPad version of this app included in a single purchase


Gemstones by Cut 1.0— 

Gemstones by Cut 1.0 is the app for you if you aren’t interested in the potential metaphysical or spiritual properties of gemstones, and are seeking a more geography-friendly app.

With a pictorial database of over 2000 gemstones, making this one of the most comprehensive gemstone apps available, this app also includes gemstone location found, habit, shape, and tone.

This app is for you if you are a hobbyist or professional interested in the geosciences who would like to learn more about gemstones, or be able to quickly identify them in the field.

Some benefits of Gemstones by Cut 1.0 include:

  • Advanced search for all gems
  • Ability to mark your favorite gemstones and view them in favorites
  • Ability to email gemstone to a friend
  • Shake your mobile device for a random gemstone
  • Insert a textual comment about the gemstone


Many fans of the mystical believe that different gemstones can give us different emotional qualities, or possibly even heal. Such claims can be impossible to prove, and we’re all aware of the power of the placebo effect; but you have to admit, sometimes it’s fun to think about how the gemstones in jewelry might affect one’s reality. And sometimes we want to learn more about gemstones because, well, look at them. They’re so pretty.

No matter what your motivation may be for learning more about gemstones, there is definitely an app that’s right for you.