Terrific Types of Storage Tanks



Whether you’re using water storage tanks to store water for your landscaping, personal backyard garden or large agricultural business, there are many benefits to keeping your precious water sources enclosed and safe.

Open water sources, such as ponds and livestock water troughs can be vulnerable to contamination from pesticides and fertilizers, as well as breeding mosquitoes, algae and mold.

Storing water in a closed-top tank can also prevent evaporation, saving you money in the long run.

Below are some varieties of water storage tanks and descriptions that might help you decide which type is right for your home, farm or business needs.


Vertical tanks are a simply-designed and popular storage tank for keeping water clean and pure, but can also be used to store pesticides, fertilizer and other liquids used in the agricultural business. Available in a vast range of sizes, depending on your needs, vertical tanks range from as small as 25 gallon storage to as large as 20,000 gallon storage!


Plastic cone bottom tanks have a raised bottom base and come to a point underneath, allowing for maximum speed and efficiency of drainage. Because of their convenient shape, plastic cone bottom tanks are popular for water storage, wine making, agricultural grain storage, paper mills, fertilizer, and any industry in which mixing and rinsing of a stored product is necessary. The sharp angle at the base of a plastic cone bottom tank is easier to empty and clean than a flat-bottomed tank, making it a favorite among business owners.


Elliptical and horizontal leg tanks are primarily used for the transport of stored water, featuring a long, rounded caterpillar-like shape with “legs” to increase stability and reduce water sloshing during transport. With a low center of gravity, elliptical and horizontal leg tanks are built to ride on the back of a truck or trailer in a flat, stable manner, allowing the owner to move a water source freely about the ranch or business as needed. Need to drive clean water across the ranch to your herd of cattle? This might be the right water storage tank choice for you.


Elliptical tanks are basically elliptical leg tanks without the legs used for transportation, making them better suited to stationary situations. Because of their low center of gravity, and plastic cradle for stabilization, elliptical tanks make for a very sturdy and stable water storage system that can also be easily transported if necessary, unlike the more permanent types of tanks, such as vertical or plastic cone bottom tanks.


PCO tanks are commonly used by nurseries, as well as in landscaping and agriculture for water storage. Often featuring a rounded bottom to help with drainage, these tanks are built short and squat, with wide little legs to keep them stable. Available with or without steel bands, PCO tanks are a smart option for anyone with light irrigation needs.


Pick-up truck tanks are exactly what they sound like: tanks that fit neatly into the back of a pick-up truck. Convenience of transport and stability are offered by this particular tank, as well as an outward-facing drain that faces off of the opened tailgate. This would be an ideal water storage tank for a rancher or a farmer needing to water crops or livestock located inconveniently away from permanent water storage tanks.


Water storage tanks can enable you to maintain your business, farm, or home and help it succeed with the proper water storage system, saving you money and time spent on less efficient methods.

No matter what your water storage needs are, there is a plastic water storage tank out there that is exactly right for you.