Fuck You, Flu


I was innocently crossing the street when the Flu Truck hit me last week.


So that last babble-fest about how I took a freakishly long nap, and was still tired? Yeah, that was me being an oblivious dipshit who couldn’t remember the last time I was sick. It’s been years.

I forgot what pre-illness body aches and exhaustion feel like, so I kept blaming my inflammation and pain on my trips to the gym. Or allergies. Or life.

After the Saturday nap of 6 hours that worried the husband, I developed a little cough, a hoarse voice, a sore throat. Again, we can blame allergies. But my knees felt like someone had taken a baseball bat to them. My back hurt for no reason. I didn’t put it together.

I then decided I was fighting something off. By Friday late morning, I was running a 102-103 fever and went to the doctor, where I tested positive for an A-variety of influenza virus.


I spent Friday through Tuesday quarantined in the mom cave (i.e. my bedroom… yes, I sleep alone and I love it) hoping to not share this evil bastard with the my son or husband.

The fever was intense, and I rarely run fevers, even with pneumonia. My lungs and chest hurt, and were making those weird gurgling noises that continue after you stop exhaling, followed by crackling sounds. So gross.

The doctor gave me a refill on my mild asthma prescription because I used up my last inhaler ages ago, and an emergency “in case you’re getting a secondary lung infection” prescription. I wasn’t going to fill it unless needed because I hate taking antibiotics, but my husband was worried, so he filled it on Saturday.

He’s leaving town on business, plus Sunday was my son’s birthday, and we had plans with friends to hang out, so I was pissed off about the timing and missing out on fun stuff and oh, the mommy guilt of ruining my son’s birthday plans by catching a flu. He was sweet and understanding, but the mommy guilt is stronger than anything. The wife guilt will kick in hardcore if my husband catches this right before he leaves town, or while he’s there. Ugh.

Hydration, rest, saline nose spray (I hate it, but it works), chicken noodle soup, tea with honey and lemon juice, ibuprofen, humidifier, and now, an antibiotic that fights a spectrum of bacterial infections to prevent the pneumonia that always tries to find its way into my lungs, and more hydration, and more rest, and lots of sitting up while resting to prevent pneumonia, and more hydration, and rest–these are all the things I’ve been up to since my last writing.

I feel like a worthless slug because I’m not exercising, but I can’t even talk for longer than a sentence before I’m out of breath because my lungs aren’t giving me enough oxygen, so yeah. No workout for me. I also want to sleep all day. I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt this sick and shitty, and I’ve walked around with pneumonia and worked jobs with it my whole life.

This flu is not to be fucked with, friends. It’s no joke. I feel like I’m in the two-days-past-workout phase, except permanently, and I’m not working out right now. Achy and hurty and exhausted. Do not like.

I would write more, but I waited too long to write today, and have to go pick up my kid from school because the bus is “too loud.” I’m rolling my eyes, too, but he recorded the sound of his bus for me and I was horrified. He came home with a migraine because the kids were all shouting “WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?!” over and over again, like for 10 minutes straight. I still don’t understand how the bus driver could drive through that, but they have ALL of my sympathy.

So my dream of being able to take naps has been squashed by having to sit in the hellish car rider pickup line once again, and instead of being the lady who has dinner ready and is able to get through an evening without falling asleep, I’m always tired. But you know. I signed up for this shit. Whining doesn’t change a thing.

Sometimes it makes me feel just a teeny bit better though, so deal with it.

This is kind of my place to whine, actually, seeing how I have no real life friends who want to listen (don’t blame them) and am fairly isolated from other adult humans most days. So here I whine.

Speaking of whine, I miss wine. All I can drink (read: handle because I’m a lightweight) is red wine, and it’s now been weeks. I miss it.

Anyhow. Flu. There are some nasty ones going around. Stay out of public if you can, pals. Stay healthy. Be well. May the force be with you. Don’t take any wooden nickels. Don’t spit into the wind. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Out of sight, out of mind. More sayings. Stuff. I like pizza.