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Nature Seen

(Writing from June 2, 2011.)

Recently, during the week of tornadoes that would culminate in the heartbreaking destruction of Joplin, Missouri (and many other cities), we spent an evening listening to meteorologists on the television while waiting for the tornado watch to turn into a warning.

We (by “we,” I mean my very strong husband) had moved all of the outdoor furniture into the garage. We’d also taken down the two hummingbird feeders we have hanging outside the living room windows that allow us to watch a variety of tiny cute little winged friends drink every day.

While we waited for the impending doom the news people where certain was headed our way, we watched as the hummingbirds continued to fly up to the windows seeking nectar.

Before the sirens went off and we headed for the hall closet, I was trying to take a picture of the dark sky behind my house. In the middle of my camera phone shot, a hummingbird flew in front of the window to stare at me accusingly, as if to say, “Hey? What did you guys do with all the the food?”

The result is a somewhat ghostly, hovering little hummingbird blur in the lower left corner of the shot. I’ve pointed him out in pink text for you, because I’m silly.


The tornadic cloud hook took a last minute right turn and missed us, hitting Haskell, Oklahoma instead, which is about 27 miles away. I was obviously relieved, but sad that they got hit.

Tornado season can be scary. I regret our move from Los Angeles to Oklahoma every spring. And then I remember that we’d be probably living in a small, craptastic apartment in Burbank if we had stayed there, and I stop regretting it, but still. Tornadoes suck.



Nature Seen

One of my favorite things about Oklahoma is the big sky. Since moving here, I find myself constantly snapping pictures of big sky. Looking up at it makes me feel completely insignificant and free at the same time, like I could just dissolve into the atmosphere like everything else, and that would be beautiful. I am Jack’s never-ending water cycle.

The sky here makes me feel connected to the universe while reminding me of what a tiny little grain of energy I ultimately am–not even a drop of paint in the big picture–all at once.

I’m possibly making looking at the Oklahoma sky sound like a bad drug trip right now, but I actually find what I’m describing to be a relaxing blend of emotions. If I can convince myself that I don’t matter, it removes most of my fears. Because if nothing matters, and I don’t matter, then there’s nothing left to be afraid of. (“Of which to be afraid” sounded stilted and weird, sorry fellow English majors…)


I snapped these one evening facing north as a weird storm was moving by. I liked the electric pastel look of it, and the sharp, glowing edges.

I’m not feeling very write-y today, so I’ll stop now, but I hope you’re having a lovely day, pals.


Nature Seen


We got ’em.

I love ’em.

If I have a totem animal, I hope it’s the hawk.

Sometimes they land on our back fence and scare all of the birds away from the feeder, as bunnies scatter and head for the bushes.

I often miss living in California, because of the extreme, erratic, uncomfortable weather in Oklahoma, but all of the hawks I see every day make it better.

Thanks, hawks.

You rock(s).


This cool big hawk was silhouetted against the evening sky, and I had to get a few pictures, shown below from different angles, in color and sepia.