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Ahead of the Curves: Prom Dress Styles for Bodacious Beauties



So often in our culture, lovely larger ladies allow advertisements full of airbrushed, Photoshop-phonies to make them feel insecure. But despite what women’s fashion magazines might try to make the female population believe, every survey given to the male population has proven that the majority of men love curves.

And women should, too. Curves only enhance femininity, so if you’re lucky enough to have a voluptuous figure; embrace it. Find a dress for prom that flaunts your body rather than hiding it. There is nothing more attractive than confidence—and once you find a gown that allows you to feel gorgeous, you will glow from within.


Below are 5 top tips to help any curvaceous beauty find the best dress ever.


  1. Delightful Décolletage—

Quite often, shapely ladies have amazing bust lines with the pretty power to draw the eye upward.  To show off this desirable asset, seek dresses with form-fitting bodices, such as an A-line design that is body-hugging at the top, and loose at the bottom.

Dresses with halter necklines can harness and lift the bust for extra support and shaping, if necessary, and a V-neck style will offer a very flattering fit.

An empire waistline that stops beneath the bust will help to enhance the chest, and sparkly embellishments, beading, or a dramatic necklace can also create upper-area interest.


  1. Fit Your Form—

Don’t bury your voluptuous body in a shapeless, flowing fountain of fabric. Instead, buy a dress in your true size and wear it with self-assurance.

It can be tempting to buy a loose, baggy dress in the name of comfort, but there are so many amazing dresses available today that you don’t have to compromise:  You can have comfort and style.

Finding a dress that accentuates your favorite features and fits you properly will let the world know that you have nothing to hide.


  1. Consider Color—

Color can be one of the most flattering dress decisions you make if you choose wisely. Obviously, darker, solid colors are more slimming, but don’t forget about the brighter shades of these hues, such as the jewel tones like emerald green, ruby red and deep sapphire blue.

If your eyes, hair or skin are your favorite features, choosing a gown in a shade that makes them more noticeable will allow you shine. Love the caramel highlights in your hair? Find a dress that matches them perfectly. Got gorgeous green eyes? You know what to do.

And ignore the advice that larger girls can’t pull off prints, because as long as they’re smaller patterns, they can add arrestingly eye-catching interest.


  1. Let Go of Length—

Curvy ladies are often encouraged to wear maxi-length dresses to cover themselves, which couldn’t be more off-target, especially for younger women who can attractively wear shorter lengths.

Long dresses may work fine for taller girls, but can visually shorten a smaller lady, making them a poor choice for anyone trying to create a longer line.

Tea-length or cocktail dresses can actually make women look taller, so go with whatever dress length makes you feel good.


  1. The Personal Touch—

Don’t forget that if you find a dress that would be incredible if only a certain part of it fit differently, you can always find a professional seamstress to adjust it.

Having an off-the-rack dress tailored just for you can turn that gown you’re on the fence about into a must-have. A seamstress can alter a hemline, bring in a bust, add embellishments, or anything else you can think of to make a dress work for you.

Be sure to wear the same shoes you’ll be wearing with the dress when you are measured for alterations, and remember when buying that it is easier to size a dress down than up.


Remember: Everybody is built differently, there is no such thing as normal, and perfection is boring. Everyone has strengths and qualities that make them interesting and attractive, so find yours and present them with pride.

Be bodacious, bold, and beautiful by using the tips above to find the prom dress of your dreams, and have a magical night.


The Future is Fun, Flirty and Fabulous: 8 Top Prom Dress Trends for 2014



Whether you’re buying a gown for prom, or any other formal occasion, there are some absolutely stunning new trends headed for all fabulous fashionistas in the coming year.

Some of last year’s styles will be sticking around, but designers have been adding new and exciting additions to the what-to-wear list that you won’t want to miss.

Read below about 8 of the fun and flirty new prom dress trends predicted for 2014:


1. Loving the Lace—

Lace has been popular for decades, but in 2014, it shifts to center stage to be featured as the star of the show, rather than simply an embellishment.

Last year, having a subtle touch of lace was popular, but now this feminine fabric is taking formalwear even further with dresses that feature dramatic lace necklines, large insets, and elegant, eye-catching lace hems.


2. Passionate for Purples—

Pantone recently kissed last year’s Emerald Green goodbye, voting Radiant Orchid the Color of the Year for 2014.

This paler, pinker shade of purple is flattering for nearly every skin type, giving the wearer an enigmatic energy reminiscent of exotic flowers, and adds a naturally playful feel to any gown.

With models walking the runways in shades of this gorgeous hue and celebrities like Kelly Osbourne sporting lovely lavender locks, Radiant Orchid is going to be everywhere in 2014, so get ready for dresses, accessories and make-up in this ultra-girly color.


3. Pretty, Pretty Peplums—

The peplum profile hearkens back to a stylish era when women had curves, and is a time-tested favorite for its ability to flatter any body type. Seen lately in the structured mini and longer, more formal design, this beloved style is here to stay.

Tailored in a way to give girls of all sizes a sexy hourglass shape, peplum is particularly popular this year, having been spotted on red carpet-celebrities like Michelle Williams and Emma Stone.


4. Say Hello to High-Lo—

Especially flattering on girls whose best asset is a great pair of legs, the high-low hemline combines the flirt factor of a mini with the princess appeal of a long, trailing or floating back hem.

Mysteriously sheer, ruffled and ladylike, or patterned inside for a splash of surprise, the high-low hem is going to be more popular than ever in 2014.


5. Knock-Out Neons—

Bright colors have risen above the horizon like so much sunshine, making dresses that dazzle and glow a hit on the runways and in the world of formal gowns.

Pantone recommends brightening its Radiant Orchid with complimentary tints like Tangerine Orange and Mimosa Yellow, but many fashion-forward ladies are choosing these upbeat colors as the main focus.

Don’t be afraid to wear coral, teal or mint prom dresses this year to stand out from the crowd in a beautiful way.


6. Mesmerizing Mermaids—

Evoking a sense of fairytale whimsy with its delicate and womanly classic shape, the mermaid silhouette will be prevalent in prom wear this year, giving girls the chance to turn heads with this dazzling design.

Fitted in the bodice, this style is a great choice for ladies seeking to support and showcase a beautiful décolletage, making the wearer stand out like a shining star in a sea of dresses.


7. Captivating Cap Sleeves—

This modest and arm-slimming sleeve style has been around since the ‘50s, but has officially made its way back into the word of fashion for 2014.

If you don’t feel confident in strapless dresses, or simply seek a more retro look, cap sleeves are an elegant alternative.

Cap sleeves come in every hemline, so find the dress that suits you best and wear this sophisticated style with grace and charm.


8. Illuminating Illusions—

Illusion necklines and covered back cut-outs are extremely current, with Kate Middleton as a frontrunner for starting the trend.

The impression of a revealing neckline or back area combined with the demure and tasteful coverage of a sheer fabric cover is a delightfully classic blend of nearly naughty with a splash of tasteful nice that makes a breathtaking impression.


If you’re looking for vintage, edgy colors, interesting elements or simply stunning, you won’t be disappointed by the prom dress fashions happening in the year ahead. Find a favorite trend above to wear for your next dance or formal occasion, and have fun giving it your own fabulous flair.